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DnA Steel Direct - Servicing the Centre!

DnA Steel Direct is an Alice Springs steel specialist. We sell all steel products for sheds, carports, verandas, fencing and any other steel construction you can think of. We offer sheet metal and steel fabrication, with tailor-made products that are welded to your exact specifications. Plus, we supply all the necessary nuts and bolts to hold your construction together. We also stock a range of aluminium building materials.

  • DnA Steel Direct stocks an enormous range of bulk steel. We stock angle steel, steel reinforcing, steel tubing, RHS (rectangular hollow section) steel, SHS (square hollow section) steel and steel fencing. We can supply or manufacture anything you require for your building and construction needs, with on-site delivery available.

  • Whether it's a huge industrial shed to cater for semi-trailer loads of stock and equipment or custom-made steel shelving, we have Alice Springs steel supplies covered. We can manufacture and assemble steel for multi-purpose uses, such as trailer canopies, crates and cages.

  • DnA Steel Direct is Alice Springs' only accredited Ranbuild dealer. Ranbuild Pty Ltd is fully owned by BlueScope Steel. Ranbuild is the market leader in the prefabricated-steel shed building industry, with more than 60 years' experience and specialising in domestic, rural, industrial and equine applications.

  • For the DIY builder we can supply all the materials you need to build your own shed and have customised kit sheds in various sizes. However, not everyone wants, or has the skills, to build their own shed so we can build your shed for you.

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  • ranbuild
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